The Interview

I didn’t tell any of my family members the recent news my husband and I had been discussing because I figured why have them worry when all that was happening was some phone calls. Plus, I knew how sad they would all be. My husbands’ sister is his go-to person. They are extremely close and I’m so grateful for their relationship. And it’s nice because were all so close as couples. She’s always been our cheerleader and has encouraged Brandon and I with any decision that has come our way. She was a GREAT resource for me to talk through this with. She’s a mom of three and also stays at home. Plus, they live in Chicago so they don’t have family around either. But I think part of her support came from her thinking ahead to visiting California haha.

Brandon spoke with a couple more guys from the company. I knew once he spoke with the CEO and COO that was it, they would want to meet him in person. I remember waiting for Brandon’s call-I was in Jacksonville and he was in Pensacola. He said how well the conversation went and that they wanted to meet in person. He at this point sounded really optimistic and excited. Me on the other hand, I was a mess. I was so emotional at the thought of this happening. The farthest we had lived together was Dallas. And now were about to have a baby and live on the other side of the country?! NO WAY! I remember saying to him over and over again that I couldn’t do it, no amount of money would change my mind, how can we raise a baby with no help…the list goes on and on. Thank goodness we weren’t together that night because it was one of those times where I needed to gather my thoughts together and cry it out. We texted some after our conversation-since it was going nowhere on the phone. We were both trying to get our points across and but not listening to what the other one had to say. I honestly felt like an awful wife because here I am crushing his excitement and not seeing it from his perspective. BUT in my defense I was thinking ahead to our sweet baby and not having any family around for her to know or spend time with. And who’s going to help me?! (Of course you always think the worse in those situations when you’re really upset. At least I do-it’s a flaw that I’m working on). The next day at work I was talking with one of the teachers who was also pregnant. She was 2 weeks further along than I was so it was fun catching up daily on how our pregnancies were going and how we were feeling. But I had told her that my husband was considering this job opportunity and asked if she would ever take such a big risk and I remember her specifically saying with NO hesitation, “YES!” “I love San Francisco!” That right there was the encouragement I needed to hear.

So we booked our flight and off my husband and I went to California. By now I was 5 months pregnant so the plane ride was a little uncomfortable. The doctor told me beforehand to make sure I get up and walk around to keep my blood pressure moving. It worked since I constantly had to use the restroom anyway. We got into California around 11 p.m. that night. The company put us up in their apartments that were only a couple blocks away from the office. They were super nice and modern- definitely California living. I remember being really nervous the entire trip because my mom and I talk daily. And at this point I still didn’t tell my family what was going on so I was afraid that she would call and I would have to play dumb or not answer and we were there from a Thursday to Monday. Brandon didn’t have to be in the office until Thursday afternoon so if you know my husband, working out is his thing. I go through spurts where I really enjoy it and then stop because I just worked out three weeks in a row so I’m good for another month or so. Ha! We decided to go to the gym to kill time and already had the mindset of checking out our “maybe future” home. We met with one of the managers to get a two-day pass and he asked us the normal questions, “what brought us here, how long will we be in town.” He was super nice and gave us some great advice about the area. I don’t know if you’re like this, but in certain situations where you need clarity, you tend to hold on to any advice or situation that seems alike to what you’re going through and you somehow feel better? I think that was both my husband and I in this situation. The manager said him and his wife and baby just moved to California and were currently looking for a house. And how they really enjoy the area and have met some great people! Shortly after, we got our passes and began to work out.

We finished our work out and went back to the apartment so Brandon could get ready. He was only gone for a couple hours but the company had asked him ahead of time if he would be interested in playing on their softball team that evening. I thought it was a good idea because this allowed me to see another part of the area plus meet some of his potential co-workers and wives. And let me tell you, meeting these people made me feel right at home for some reason. They were all SO generous and friendly. Cheering Brandon on as if he was already part of the team, getting to know me personally…it was great.

The next day Brandon was expected to spend most of the day in the office having interview after interview. I spent the day relaxing and driving over to an area called Bridgepoint. It was a shopping center that I actually researched before we came out to visit because I had to see if this “foreign” place had a target nearby…silly, I know. We had plans that evening to have dinner over at the COO’s house with a couple co-workers. I was excited because this would give us an opportunity to interact and get to know these people in a relaxed environment. Needless to say the night went awesome! Everyone was extremely friendly and kind to us- made us feel very welcomed and open minded to this potential new experience!

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