Time To Find A Doctor

One of my worries moving out to California being 6 months pregnant was finding a good doctor. At my doctors office in Florida, I didn’t have just one that I met with on a regular basis. They were on a rotation plan so each doctor you met with could be your “potential” doctor the day you delivered. Well with much of this move, God really took care of everything for us- especially when it came to finding an excellent doctor. I made an appointment to a well-known, awesome hospital in the area and instantly felt so at ease with my doctor.

Brandon and I went in for my 6-month ultra sound. By this point I had had a couple so I knew what to expect. And since this was my first visit, they needed it for my records. Whenever we went in for one I was always excited to see our little nugget but also a little nervous just because you want to make sure everything is ok. Well this appointment was no different. After the technician measured and examined our babe she said she would be right back. I didn’t think anything of it but Brandon knew something was off. Once I saw the technician come back with the another one, I got a little concerned. They found that a thin lining of blood on my cervix which is called a Placenta Previa. At no point leading up to this did any other doctor in Florida say or show concerns about this. Brandon and I were shocked and completely taken back. My first immediate thought was, is my baby ok? And they reassured us instantly that this was not harming her at all! But they did proceed to tell me that I would most likely have a cesarean. That broke my heart. As a first time mom I always pictured myself and expected to deliver my child vaginally- at least my first. Needless to say I was devastated and really disappointed. We met with my doctor and when I say I felt at ease with her, I really did. Still to this day I’m obsessed and look forward to seeing her again soon, ha! She was comforting and reassuring that our little one was healthy, strong and at the end of the day, as long as mom and baby were healthy, that’s all that mattered. She said there was still a chance to not have a cesarean if the placenta moved. But advised me to be prepared and that things were going to change for me. Essentially- at any moment I could have bleeding so I had to be careful from here on out. I was limited to doing certain things and the big thing was flying. IF for some reason I had bleeding while being in the air, the plane would have to land to the closest destination and I would have to remain in the hospital until I gave birth. Scary! So that hurt me the most because my family and friends were planning a baby shower for me in Florida and once the doctor said I couldn’t fly, I got extremely sad. Sad that I wouldn’t see my family and friends {like I had expected} before delivering our babe because we didn’t know at the time when I would be able to return to Florida with our new baby. And sad that selfishly, I wasn’t able to experience a baby shower for my first one. But all this reminded me that I’m not in control and no matter how much I plan and prepare for our baby, as long as we were both healthy that’s all that mattered.

Even though my baby shower was cancelled in Florida all my friends and family were SO gracious and generous with sending gifts for baby Reagan. It meant the world to me that even though we couldn’t celebrate in person, everyone still showed their love through gifts and well wishes. But with God again providing this path to California for us, he has brought some extraordinary people into our life. My husband’s boss’ family and co-workers threw us a sweet baby shower in California! It was so beautiful and Brandon and I definitely felt loved by all of them! It was a day we will never forget!

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