The Nursery

The couple months leading up to the arrival of baby Reagan were very exciting and anxious for me. I spent those months planning and pinteresting ideas for her room. Well let’s be real, the minute I found out we were pregnant I started searching ideas for the nursery. Not, how to take care of newborn, or what to expect when you’re expecting. No, I needed to find that “picture perfect” nursery that we all want. Right? Well, I wouldn’t say it’s the dream nursery that would be showcased in Pottery Barn Kids but I am pretty proud of it. Especially since we needed to plan financially for it AND for all the things that come with having a baby! One of my good friends was able to come and visit me for a week so it was fun having a friend to shop, register and buy things for the nursery. I didn’t’ have much at this point so the thought of having to fill her room up with everything {I thought} she would need the moment she came home from the hospital, was very overwhelming. There were a few things I knew right off the bat that I wanted. I wanted to paint her room grey, have white furniture, and a grey recliner. I wanted the overall feel of her room to be soft, warm and calm.

Another close friend of mine made this beautiful sign that reads: Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains. I hung it over her crib so when you walked in the room it was the main focal point. Decorating her room gave me such joy- and maybe a little stress only because when I start something, I want to finish it as soon as possible.  I don’t have the patience to wait around for things to get done. That was one struggle of mine during my last couple months of pregnancy. Physically there was only so much I could do without being in a lot of pain and having to rest. Plus, I didn’t have the strength to lift things, move furniture etc. My poor husband, we got Reagan’s dresser from IKEA and the wonderful thing about IKEA is having to put it together yourself {sense the sarcasm}. Brandon not only worked a full day but then came home and spent about 8 hours putting together her dresser. And after it was all finished, we noticed it was definitely off white and I thought I bought the all-white one. Ugh! Needless to say, we left it alone.

After all that work there was no way I would want him to spend the time putting together another one. But other than the off-white dresser, I am really proud of her room and how it all came together!

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