September 7, 2016. The Day Before.

After finding out I had Placenta Previa we were hopeful it would go away because in most cases it usually does. However, mine did not. So at our last doctors visit we scheduled my C-section date for three weeks earlier than my original due date. It was nice because we were given two times to choose from and got to pick which one we preferred. Brandon and I were very exciting because in a couple weeks we would get to meet our sweet little girl! I was a little nervous from not knowing what to expect and how the day would go. I’ve never had surgery so the thought of walking into the hospital totally fine about to have surgery and knowing our lives will be changed forever, was pretty crazy.

I remember this day perfectly. I had this image in my head of how the day would go. I would sleep in, finish last minute packing, get my nails done and just spend the day relaxing with the pups. The only thing that stayed true to that list was getting my nails done. Have you ever had this experience before? Where you have this expectation and the day just flies by and nothing goes to plan? Thankfully in this case it was all good stuff. I had many phone calls from different family members and friends wishing us luck and how excited they were for Brandon and I. I also had friends stop by and wish us luck. Before I knew it, it was 5p.m. and I still needed to get myself ready for the big day. I did some last minute packing and waited for Brandon to get home. He also didn’t get home the time he planned because of last minute work priorities and preparing for his next few days off. Brandon walked through the doors around 7 that evening and I just got done folding the rest of Reagans clothes. He asked me if I was having trouble with my phone because he couldn’t send out any text messages or phone calls. I said no mine seemed to be fine. I went upstairs to put away Reagans clothes in her room, opened the door and found at least a hundred TERMITES flying everywhere in her room! I screamed for Brandon to come upstairs and we just stood there in shock. Seriously?! Is this really happening the NIGHT BEFORE we go to the hospital? I started looking up pest control places and realized I couldn’t make phone calls now. No way, first the termites and now our phones aren’t working correctly? We clearly needed our phones to work so we could contact everyone the next day. The termites were on her rug, in her light fixture, all over the curtains, in her crib…they were everywhere. We killed them all by hand then Brandon rushed over to Verizon before it closed at 8p.m. We literally had minutes before they closed. It turns out there was a glitch of some sort and quite a few people were waiting in line outside the store for the same issue. Thankfully they told Brandon how to reset it and our phones were back. Now, back to the termite issue. We got a hold of our landlord and luckily she had someone who would come and spray the next day while we were at the hospital…thank goodness! This was not the day I had planned but it goes to show me [again] how in situations like these, you just need to have a little grace. The most important thing was we were about to meet our babe the next day. And on the bright side, at least this happened while we were home and not while we were in the hospital for 4 days! It definitely wasn’t funny at the time but looking back now, it makes for a great story to tell Reagan one day!

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