Meeting The Pups!


One thing Brandon and I both said from day one was how excited we were to see our baby with the pups. We have two golden retriever girls with opposite personalities so we had somewhat of an idea how they would react. Leaving the hospital was very sad for me, yes maybe I shed a tear or two. I’ll blame it on all the crazy emotions you go through. But I was VERY excited to introduce sweet Reagan to Nala and Bella. Nala is like the mom of the two. She totally sensed from day one that I was pregnant. She would never leave my side, slept close to me and started to become protective. Bella on the other hand, we call her the wild child- if she was an actual human being. She is very cuddly, craves your attention, clueless and a big scardey cat. We pulled into the drive way and I was beyond anxious and ready for them to meet Reagan. I walked in first with a blanket from the hospital- well one of the days while in the hospital Brandon had gone home and brought a blanket too and left it at the house. But the girls were SO gentle with me right away. If you know our dogs, they jump on you when you first walk through the doors because they get really excited! Brandon carried Reagan in in her car seat and we put her on the floor. Nala went straight to her, wagging her tale giving her kisses and sniffing her all over! It was literally the sweetest thing I had ever seen-well, except a few days ago when Brandon held Reagan for the first time haha. But Bella, she was terrified. She had no clue who this little human was and didn’t know what to do. She hung around Brandon and tried sniffing the car seat but then got nervous and ran away if Reagan moved. It was pretty funny. We of coarse video the entire thing and took pictures. It was awesome! The next few days, Nala was very attentive to miss Reagan. She would either lay right where she was or make sure she was in eye distance so she could keep an eye on things. Bella warmed up slowly but it definitely took some time. And now, they are complete opposites. Nala’s over it and goes wherever she feels, where Bella is constantly with Reagan and I-they are best friends. And what’s sad, is we’ve been told a couple times that it looks like Reagan is starting to pick up on the dog’s traits. Like sticking her tongue out constantly and now panting. It’s hilarious but once Reagan can start crawling I just hope she doesn’t go to their bowls and start drinking from it. Ah!

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