First Month Essentials-Sleep

One thing I knew from the beginning was getting Reagan onto a schedule, especially a sleep schedule. Below are items I found very useful for the first couple months + a couple other options that are also great.


We have a two-story house and in the first couple days of getting home from the hospital, I was able to walk up and down stairs but with feedings and lifting her in and out of her bassinet was tough. We first started with her sleeping in the 4moms pack n play downstairs. I must say this pack n play is the easiest, most convient pack n play I have seen and used. If you haven’t heard of 4moms or their story, I highly suggest researching them. It’s really neat how they came about!

We would switch between the pack n play and the 4moms mamaroo. We mostly used the mamaroo during the day for naps.

Once I started sleeping upstairs, we decided to use the rock n play during her night time sleep. She enjoyed being at an angle and rocking. Once Reagan was 3 months old I wanted to start transitioning her to her crib. She was used to sleeping at an angle so we decided to try the co-sleeper to practice a flat surface. It took a little while to get used to the transition but I think it helped {me} to still have her in our room and adjust to sleeping flat on her back.

Sound machines are a must! It helps the baby sleep and it mimics the mothers womb. We have a basic one and it works great!

There a ton of swaddling options out there! For me, I found and really liked the velcro swaddles. We used the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets at first but once Reagan started moving around at night we switched over to the velcro ones. This made it easy after a night time feed to quickly swaddle her. Plus, I felt she was much tighter in it. The grey one below shows a 3-stage transition  that allows for growth!

I hope some of these things can be helpful for you. Remember to always do what works best for YOU and your family! There are tons of options out there.

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