Visiting Florida

Reagan had her first plane ride at 9 weeks old! November was the soonest we were able to visit our family and introduce Reagan for the first time. She had to be at least 2 months old and have certain vaccines before flying. Also, this was the start of Brandon’s many, many visits to China for work {I’ll go into more detail about those trips on another blog}.

Luckily, Brandon was able to fly with us to Orlando, Florida for Reagan’s first flight. We planned to spend a weekend at Disney Springs for a little vacation and the rest of the time at my parents house. Brandon had to cut the trip short and head back to work but Reagan and I stayed for another week and visited lots of family and friends!


I was nervous because I would have to fly back with Reagan by myself. And I can honestly say, I was scared but felt like I conquered the world afterwards. There were so many questions and worries I had leading up to flying. Thank goodness she was still so young and slept most of the day! But I was worried because how would I carry everything? What if I had to use the bathroom on the plane? Would I make our connecting flight on time? I was extremely grateful because 1. I did make our connection and 2. I had the middle seat open and was able to change and lay Reagan right there! So our first time flying just the two of us was a success! Yay! And it  prepared us for future flights that were ahead.

Since then, Reagan has flown 8 times and now I call myself a pro at flying {with only 1 child of coarse}. I will add tips and details for flying with a baby on another blog!

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