Thanksgiving 2016

My husband and I have only spent a few Thanksgivings where it was just us. I remember the year before Brandon just had hip surgery and we were living in Jacksonville, Florida at the time. He was going to be propped up on the couch so I decided I would focus on setting a nice table and cooking us dinner. I felt with this Thanksgiving, specifically, I focused SO much on our table decor. I prepped with my best friend–she’s an amazing decorator with great style! I spent the majority of the day putting it together and making sure it looked absolutely perfect. But I felt like I let the true meaning of Thanksgiving pass by because I was consumed with the “pinterest looking” kitchen table. I promised myself this Thanksgiving, especially since having Reagan, I wouldn’t allow myself to get like that again. This is where grace as a new mom comes in for me. I’m learning to do what comes natural and what I really enjoy doing. At the end of the day, I want to remember the memories I shared with my family and not how much I worried about the small details.

This year Brandon, Reagan and I decided to run a Turkey Trot 5k. This was my first big, physical activity since having Rae and man was it tough! I remember my husband saying to me afterwards that it was just a “warm up” for him–pf. But were also talking about a guy who LOVES to run and has done quite a few half and full marathons. He’s my rockstar!

I wanted to start a new tradition since we both love Christmas and having Christmas decor in the house… to put the tree up on Thanksgiving while listening to Christmas music. Next, we made a real simple meal, ate on paper plates and walked the dogs over to the park that evening. It was a relaxing {except for the race}, great first Thanksgiving as the 5 of us!

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