Christmas in Chicago

Since Christmas is a big deal in our house, Brandon and I were really excited to celebrate Reagan’s first Christmas! We don’t have any family in California so we decided to spend Christmas at my sister in laws house in Chicago. This would be the first time my brother in law and their three kids would meet Reagan for the first time–the kids talked about it for weeks leading up to our visit, it was so sweet.

Brandon, Reagan and I ended up flying Christmas day and I don’t think we will do that again. Our first flight from San Francisco to Salt Lake City went very smoothly. We had a feeling if we were going to get delayed it would be there since the winter storms were heavy that day. And no doubt about it, we got delayed. We spent the first 2 hours sitting on the runway waiting to get de-iced. We sat for so long we had to turn around and head back to the gate for gas. Luckily, after sitting for 2 hours the captain allowed us to get off the plane for an hour once we arrived back at the gate. We grabbed something to eat and took advantage of laying Reagan down since I was holding her the entire time.

After an hour passed, we returned back to our flight and no joke sat another 2 hours before we finally took off. By now we were scheduled to arrive in Chicago at 7 p.m. not 3 p.m. like we originally planned. At this point all our Christmas plans were delayed. But on the bright side, Reagan did amazinggg! She literally slept and ate the entire trip! This is why traveling with an infant can be pretty easy at times.

We landed in Chicago, finally, got to the carousel and our luggage was no where to be found. Seriously?! This was the last thing we expected or wanted to happen. My sister in law lives about an hour from the airport but thankfully her in laws were also in town and had to fly out the next day, so Brandon went back to the airport for our luggage. Other than the flight debacle, the trip was so fun and great memories were made! We always have tons of laughs and great jokes when were together. Next Christmas, I don’t plan to travel the day of!

Here a few pictures I took of Reagan before Christmas and then us at Church Christmas eve.

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