Happy Easter!

This Easter Reagan and I came to Florida to visit family since my husband had to go to China for work. We were sad not to have him around but grateful for family time and have Reagan join in on my Easter traditions growing up!

My Papa and Grandma {who live in Georgia} bought Reagan an Easter dress before she was born. I decided to have her wear it to Church this morning and for pictures with her Easter basket of eggs. The dress JUST fit her so I knew this would be the only opportunity for her to wear it. And what better timing with it being Easter! She reminds me of a little cupcake in these pictures!

After church we always meet my grandparents at the Country Club for brunch. I decided to change Reagan’s outfit so she wouldn’t get the dress messy while eating. She was a big hit at the table and did so well {she’s currently teething at the moment so every day I never know how she’ll be}. But she was making all sorts of funny faces and staring at the other guests. She was especially fascinated with the waiter’s Easter bunny ears. Ha!

Next year I plan to have Reagan do an Easter egg hunt and start our own Easter traditions with the pups and Brandon.

What are some of your Easter traditions? I’d love to hear them!

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    1. Thanks for commenting! You are the first one!! Haha! I love your traditions– especially how your babes understand the true meaning of Easter and I agree with your thoughts on the Easter Basket! It looks like your day was filled with so much love and fun!

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