5 Sleep Essentials When Sick

Reagan’s been sick with a stuffy nose and cough these past couple of days. I wanted to share the 5 things we use at night to help Reagan sleep. Night time is always the worst!


When Reagan has a stuffy nose it’s hard for her to sleep straight on her back. She’s not the type {yet} to take the initiative at night and roll herself over or sideways to relieve some discomfort. During the day and depending how the middle of the night goes, I’ll have her sleep in the Rock n Play so she’s at an angle and can breath a little better.


Nose Frida’s are the best! It’s definitely gross but it helps a lot with a stuffy/runny nose. Reagan was ok with it in the beginning but now that she know’s the feeling she gets when I use it on her, she screams, cries and turns her head away from it. It doesn’t cause any harm to your babe but I can imagine it feels tingly and a little uncomfortable.


Humidifiers are a must when sick! This one works for 48 hours on a single fill and will shut off once it’s emptied. It has different levels so you can control how much mist you want coming out. Reagan is always less stuffy in the morning after a night of using this.


Always use the sound machine.


Not that I enjoy my nugget being sick,  I do enjoy the extra cuddles! She especially enjoys cuddling her Douglas Baby, Hoppy, for the extra comfort.



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