…Continuation of sleeping when sick

After taking Reagan to the pediatrician yesterday, he suggested to tilt her crib. This way we can continue with her sleeping in her room and not get used to the rock n play. And if you don’t have a rock n play or your babe has outgrown it {which Reagan has} then this could be a great alternative for you!

First- find something thats sturdy enough to go under the two front legs of the crib where your child’s head rests. My husband made sure to test it out by moving and rocking the crib and it didn’t budge. Plus, Reagan isn’t at the point where she moves or stands up in her crib.

Second- we put a blanket under the top part of the mattress to get a better angle but if you find something that tilts the crib itself without having to put anything under the mattress, great!

I hope this tip helps your little one when he/she is sick! Have a great day!

With love- Danielle

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