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My husband has always traveled for work so leaving for a week or so is something we both have gotten used to. When making the commitment to move out to California, I was very adamant that I didn’t want him to travel as much. I understood if he needed to leave here and there but I wasn’t ok with weeks on end especially since we had a newborn on the way. Well, that request only lasted a couple months. Ha. It just so happened he needed to start traveling 2 months after Reagan was born and it would be for at least 2 weeks at a time since he would be going to China.

His first trip to China worked out because it was during our Florida visit. But November through April, he has traveled 6 times, a total of 75 days. I can’t sit here and say it was fine because it wasn’t. It was hard, really hard on both of us. Hard for him to be away from his first baby, missing new things she would do and discover. Hard for me having to be a single parent and take care of her, our dogs, the house and live in California away from family with no help. The hardest months were December-March when he would be gone for 2 weeks at a time, come home for 4-5 days and then go right back. Not only did he have to try and adjust to the time change when he returned home but he also had to step back into the role of a husband and parent and learn Reagan and I’s schedule and routine. What I can say, is Brandon is awesome at not letting work and travel get the best of him. He would maybe get a couple hours of sleep while traveling back and be up for anything and everything we wanted to do for the day with no complaints!

I struggled a lot emotionally through those months though. It was sad to have our first baby and not parent together on a day to day basis. And it was hard adjusting to this new life we had with no family around. We have awesome friends here in California and I am extremely grateful to be so close with Brandon’s boss’s wife. She has two boys of her own so it’s comforting having someone who is going through the exact same situation and gets it. Gosh, I remember getting back from visiting Florida and having a pity party for myself for a good two weeks. I think that’s when all the traveling and being away from Brandon and family really started to hit me. I wanted so bad to do this new parenting thing together and make every day memories that we could look back on and smile. I would fantasize about how our life “should” be. If only we had family close by, if only “this person” was next to us, if we lived in a different neighborhood…anything and everything sounded better than our current living situation. But the reality is, this was just the way our life was for this season. There was nothing Brandon and I could do to help ease up his travel. It was something we had to push through and know the outcome of all this would be so worth it! I eventually had to transition my thoughts to see the positive in all we do have. I have a healthy, beautiful baby who by God’s grace has been a pretty, easy going baby. I have the job I’ve always wanted and that’s to be home with Reagan. We have a supportive family and with all of his traveling we’ve been able to have family/friends visit us and Reagan and I travel back and forth to Florida. I don’t think my family ever imagined us being able to visit as much as we have when we first broke the news of moving to California. Plus, I also learned that even though we don’t see each other on a day to day basis, the time we do spend together is more valuable and cherished.

All in all, I think Brandon traveling as much as he has, has pushed us to work together even more as new parents. We are learning how important communication is with having a new baby and what the expectations need to be. Plus, I can honestly say with a smile on my face, I have been pushed out of my element and challenged more than I ever have in my entire life. I have never raised a baby before, let alone do it by myself for weeks on end. But the bond I share with Reagan and the confidence I have as a mom, whoa, its indescribable. Reagan is literally my best friend. She is someone who I have had to figure things out with, work harder than I’ve ever had to before, push myself to keep going, pray harder and more frequently and most importantly, learn to have GRACE with myself. They never said being a mom was an easy job but it sure is well worth it!

In a weird way, I am grateful for this season of our life and for being challenged as a new mom to figure it out all on my own. To only rely on myself and our little family. There’s something unique and special that we have. And it really has taught me what’s most important in life. I think that’s why I am so excited and passionate about this blog. I am eager to help new moms, share what has worked for us and talk about things we have gone through. It’s scary enough having your first child, let alone doing it across the country away from what you were once comfortable with. But whatever your facing today or worried about, just know that you are strong and capable of doing it all! You’ll be surprised how much your “mom” instincts kick in and you immediately know what to do in {most} situations. Ha!

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