Packing the Diaper Bag(s)

The most important thing for me when I travel with Reagan is to pack a functional, realistic diaperbag. I try to make it as accessible as I can for when we are on the plane.


I will typically use two bags, a diaper back pack and either a big purse or another diaper bag. I always make sure the purse or diaper bag is big enough to fit what I need {just for the flight} and is easy to get to.

First– The back pack diaper bag. This is from Vera Bradley  It’s light weight with two pockets on the side and one in front. The first zipper folds down and becomes a changing station with mesh pockets for your diapers. The second zipper has 4 mesh pockets and an empty space for your belongings. That’s usually where I store my bottles. 

In this back pack for the flight I pack…

  • 1 {bigger} bib- incase of more spills.
  • A change of clothes. Yes, I use a zip lock bag instead of a “cute” bag because it takes up less space.
  • Two hand sanitizers. You can never have enough for the plane.
  • Two UNOPENED water bottles. Security will allow you to bring them if its for the baby only.
  • Pre-made bottles. I put the amount of formula Reagan eats and when it’s time I’ll add water. *When I breastfed, I still pre-made the bottles but put them in a cooler bag instead. baby packingdiaper back pack

For my purse or diaper bag–which is considered my carry-on I pack…

  • 1 big bib.
  • Snacks for Reagan.
  • Another hand sanitizer.
  • Wipes. These honest wipes are so handy and only .99 at Target!
  • Wallet.
  • Changing pad- it came with my diaper bag.
  • Pouch.
  • Chord organizer- Bagsmart keeps my ear phones and phone charger organized and I know its all in one location. baby packingBaby Packing

My goal is to always have one of everything in each bag. It makes it so easy and convenient– especially on the plane!

I hope this post helps! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any tips or tricks you use!

2 comments on “Packing the Diaper Bag(s)

  1. Awesome post! Love how organized you are! I’ve flown well over 50 times with one or more of my girls, and the only thing I would add is that you should always pack extra clothes in your carry-on for everyone traveling, including yourself! I’ve been peed on, pooped on, and thrown up on- all sperate occasions! 🙈 Don’t know what I would have done without a change of clothes in those cases!

    1. Ahhhh so smart! Haven’t even thought of myself but I guess that’s a common thing when you’re a mom 😏haha! Thanks for the feedback 😘

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