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Since Reagan was 9 weeks old, we have been traveling back and forth to Florida. This will be her 10th time flying so I think I have this whole ‘packing technique’ down pat. We will be flying back to California so I wanted to share some tips and tricks I use when traveling on the airplane.

  1. I have found that dressing Reagan in a button one-piece  has been a life saver. I try to get something that’s long sleeve and goes to her ankles. It’s always cold on the plane so this keeps her warm and is so easy to quickly change her in those tiny bathrooms! As for me, I’m always cold so I like to wear joggers and a light jacket. I try to wear something that will be comfortable on the plane but also convenient when walking around AND using the restroom while holding Reagan. I switch back and forth between wearing LuLu Lemon  and Under Armour joggers. Before we board, I put a Pampers Baby Dry  diaper that’s one size bigger on Reagan. This helps with not having to change her as often on the flight. I also keep an extra pair of clothes in a gallon size zip lock bag. I don’t use a “cute” bag because they tend to take up more space.

Travel clothes for baby

2. As soon as we get to our seats, I put what I’m going to need throughout our flight in the seat pocket. I’ll take out  hand sanitizer {as well as sanitize everything around us}, a bottle that’s ready to go {you’re supposed to feed during take-off and landing but using a pacifier works, too}, a water for me, our snacks, my phone and ear plugs.

3. I make sure to keep the diaper bag open and accessible so during the flight if I need something I can easily reach down and grab it. For example, I know Reagan will need x amount of bottles. I pre-make the bottles ahead of time by putting the formula in and waiting until she’s about to eat to add the water. This makes it easy and less messy when getting a bottle ready on the plane.

4. I have found using a  back pack diaper bag  has come in handy SO much when flying. The last thing you want is another bag to carry so putting this on your back has been a life saver. I got mine from Very Bradley and absolutely love it!

 diaper back pack

I’ll either use another diaper bag as a carry on or a purse. Whichever I end up using, I always make sure to pack neatly and again make everything accessible!

5. Depending how our flight is, if we have a layover I learned using the baby carrier is much easier to have on hand. I’ll either strap Reagan in while were sitting on the plane or go to the nearest bathroom and get situated. I use the Baby Tula and have had no complaints about it. I love how supportive it is and the thick waist band helps balance the weight out.

If we have a direct flight, I will use the stroller. It’s nice to push Reagan and be hands free before she’s about to sit on my lap for 5+ hours. However, the only downfall with using the stroller is having to break it down at security. If you’re by yourself this can be difficult because most of the time, TSA employees will not help you. I’ve been lucky to have the person standing in front of me fold my stroller while I hold Reagan. But if you have someone else flying with you it’s totally doable! We made sure to buy a stroller and carseat  bag to protect our stuff from being thrown around the plane.

6. Up until Reagan was 6 months old, I used to bring the Boppy Pillow and use that during the flight. She would lay right on it and be comfortable for the majority of the flight. You get a little hot but I think it’s totally worth it! Don’t be surprised if you get strange looks or have people say to you, “Wow! That’s a huge neck pillow!” Haha.

**I hope these tips have been helpful for you! If you have any tricks, I would love to hear them. I’m all about trying new things to make flying as easy as possible!

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