Thirty-One Prayers


This past Christmas, I bought these prayer books from The Unveiled Wife for Brandon and I. I saw them all over social media with great reviews and thought it would be something fun and new for us to do! It took us up until now to start them–which is OK! Brandon’s traveling at the moment and he was the one who brought it up to do when were apart this time. And I immeditalty said, “YES!” {Isn’t it great when your HUSBAND suggests doing something to help strengthen your marriage?!}

We’ve been at it now for 10 days and honestly, I already see a difference in the way were connecting. And were still apart! Each day consists of a written prayer that the author has written and then two blank pages for you to write a personalized prayer or things you would like to continue to pray for. Then after so many days there’s challenges to do. Every prayer may not pertain to your circumstance but that’s ok! I think it gives you a different perspective and an insight into something new that you may not know needed prayer.

I’m really looking forward to switching the books after 31 days and reading what each other wrote. I think it’s so fun and refreshing to get the other persons point of view and learn the desires of their heart!

Thirty-One Prayers for my Husband.

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