Happy Sunday + Childcare

Spring look for mom and baby


*My dress is a couple years old so I can’t find one similar*

I spend the majority of the week in work out clothes or {my go to lately} joggers and a baggy shirt.  So when Sunday’s come, it’s nice to dress up and feel a little “normal” and pretty! This Sunday was nice because my husband is back and we went to church together.

We attend a really good church in our area. It’s only 5 minutes away so with a baby it’s great to have the flexibility of time when some days we get off schedule. I’m struggling a little bit because she’s now at the point where she needs to be in childcare BUT part of me isn’t ready. I KNOW it would be great for Brandon and I to sit and enjoy service together and enjoy that time for us. On the other hand, I’m cherishing these moments with the three of us where we can stand together and worship. I swear, every Sunday we say were going to put her in childcare, then, we get to church and walk right into the sanctuary. Well, that’s after we stop for coffee and donuts of course!

One thing that’s super nice with our church and what I like is, it’s VERY family oriented. If you don’t put your child in childcare, there’s tons of parents in the lobby watching the service from the TVs and sitting with their families. {Maybe these families struggle with the same thing I do!} I think after today’s service though, I may need to rip the bandaid off and try childcare. I guess my worries are, her crying, not knowing where I’m at, am I coming back…the list goes on. And I know every mom struggles with this at some point so thank goodness I’m not alone! I know it’s especially hard for me because I spend EVERY day with Reagan and with no family around I don’t ever leave her.

If you have any tips or guidance, please share!

Happy Sunday!

with love, Danielle

Spring look for mom and baby
Sunday outfit

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