The 5 Must Haves On The Go

Reagan’s at the age where we can only be out of the house in between her nap times. Yes, she can nap on-the-go but 1. she doesn’t get to sleep as long and 2. now that she’s in a different car seat, she doesn’t sleep as well. So, I try to plan our errands either right after lunch or after her second nap. And lets face it, I enjoy her napping at the house much more so I can have an hour + to get my stuff done 🙂

I thought I would share the 5 Must Haves we use while on the go!

  1. SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS! My girl is such a foodie and this is the only thing that will keep her happy longer than 2 minutes! The two snacks I pack the most are Veggie Straws and Baby Mums Mums. These are great because they are long lasting and she takes her time eating them!

2. A snack for ME– It’s so important I have something for myself incase I run out of time to eat before we go out. If enough time passes I’ll start to get really shaky so I make sure to bring something with enough protein to hold me over as long as possible. My go-to protein bars are  Pure Protein. In my opinion, I don’t taste the protein in them. It tastes just like a normal chocolate bar.

3. Medicine- Reagan’s teething really bad {still} so I always have Tylenol and/or Oragel on hand.

4. Toys! If food isn’t cutting it, then I will bring out a few of her favorite toys. Right now she’s really into the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Remote. It lights up and sings and she gets a kick out of it. I’ll also give her the Silicone Teething Necklace for Moms. I’ll put it around her neck so she can play and suck on the beads. Keeps her occupied for a few strolls down the grocery aisle.

5. Last but not least- WubbaNub. I don’t bring this inside anywhere we go because I don’t want Reagan to throw it on the ground, but she loves having it in the car. She’s not into pacifiers but likes sucking on the cotton. Side note:: she only prefers the Lamb.

Please share or comment any items you use on-the-go! It’s always nice to see what other moms find useful!

with love, Danielle

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