Reagan’s {Donut Theme} Party

It’s been two weeks since we celebrated Reagan turning ONE! AH! I still can’t believe our little nugget is a year old already! Between Hurricane Irma coming + loss of power for a week, I haven’t been able to sit down and tell you all about her party!

When my husband and I finally made the decision to come to Florida for the duration of his travel, I was so excited at the thought of getting to celebrate Reagan’s birthday with all our family. If we had stayed in California for it, we would have celebrate with our friends there–which isn’t a bad thing, but it was exciting to think about the family that can’t travel to celebrate with her in Florida!

I started thinking about her party and what I wanted to do about a month ahead. I needed a theme that fit Reagan and I wanted to do something she really liked. FOOD! This girl loveess her some food. Then I thought, what’s her favorite food? DONUTS! Yes! This will be perfect! I immediately starting researching and pinteresting all donut related parties and sure enough, it’s been a “thing” for quite a while. We all decided we would celebrate her party on a Sunday afternoon and make it a swim/outdoor thing for kids. My parents have a pool so we decided to buy the donut floats (cute, right) and throw those in. Plus, we were going to have about 12 kids and thought a bounce house would be perfect. The kids could go back and forth between the bounce house and the pool. And since the theme was donuts, instead of doing a cake for Reagan, we would buy donuts and munchkins for dessert. Everything was coming together! My mom and I spent a few days shopping plus I ordered a ton of cute things from Amazon and Etsy shops that were donut related. I was so excited and thrilled to celebrate my daughters FIRST birthday!

Then…we hear the news about Hurricane Irma coming. I knew for sure about 5 days before her party we needed to cancel. And at the time my husband and I took a few days to celebrate just the three of us at Disney. So when I knew I needed to cancel, I was OK with it because at least we got to take her to Disney and have family time. But as soon as Disney was over and we headed back to my parents house–I broke down for 2 days. I was really sad seeing all her party stuff sitting there and knowing it was cancelled. Yes, we thought about re-scheduling it but looking ahead, we didn’t have a weekend that seemed free to everyone and the later we pushed it, the more (to me) would feel silly celebrating. I wasn’t upset that I couldn’t decorate, or that I bought all her stuff (because that can all be returned) it was the fact that as a mom, I felt like I was letting my child down for her FIRST birthday. I know, I know, SHE wouldn’t remember, but I would. I felt like I was giving up and not doing something for her. So after my little pitty party, we decided to have a small party with those that live close by on her actual birthday –which was a Friday and Hurricane Irma was scheduled to come Sunday. And it was great! We had a handful of family + friends come. Ordered pizza, and still did donuts for dessert. There were a few hiccups and things I wish I could have decorated or done but one thing I am certainly learning {with having kid(s)} is things won’t and don’t always go accordingly to plan. Do I wish it wasn’t monsooning the night of her party so I could have had better lighting to take pictures, OF COURSE! But, looking back at her birthday and all those who showed love to her near and far, it will be a day I will always remember! And a great one at that!

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