Being Practical. Not Popular. 

Wow it feels good to write + blog + be a normal human being again. If you follow along on my instagram than you know I had a difficult recovery from getting my wisdom teeth removed. I was laid up in bed for 5 days… barely ate (because I physically couldn’t) and slept for hours on end. Thank goodness we are currently still living with my parents and they were able to take care of sweet Reagan while Brandon’s in China! Needless to say– all is well again and thank you for the love and care <3

About a week ago now we decided to take the plunge and trade my car in for a mini van. Yes. A mini van. I mean who doesn’t need one when you only have 1 child and 2 goldens? But seriously, just those 3 babes alone take up a lot of space!

Brandon and I were toying with the idea for a little while– actually, Brandon was toying with it more than I was. I thought, boo. I’m not even 30  and we only have 1 little one! We were either going to be practicle or prepared or both! Since we are still Florida residents and about to make our way back to California it started to sound more logical since we aren’t totally certain how long we will be living in California and if we will ever change our residency. So for us, it was better to go ahead and trade in my vehicle for the van to help prepare us for when we extend our family + be more comfortable with space!

I think since having Rea I’m slowly starting to except the fact that in this season of life we’re in we need to do what’s best and practicle for us… i.e. the mini van. Of course it’s not the most “popular” vehicle to drive as a woman but it brings me such a piece of mind knowing how convenient  it really is for kids! Plus, I’d rather have a vehicle that I’m not going to worry about too much if it’s gets dirty/ruined by my kids. I’m only setting myself up for failure if I have the mentality of being afraid my stuff will get damaged. Now, that doesn’t mean {for me} my kids won’t learn how to treat things and take care of things the right way, but some stuff just won’t stay “picture perfect” during this season. And the same thing goes with furniture and our house. I need to be practical not popular with what’s currently “in” style at the moment and do what works for us our and family best :). So I am going to embrace this wonderful season of babies + kids and enjoy my new “mom” car!

with love, Danielle

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