Halloween 2017- High School Throwback

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween! This year my husband and I were excited to celebrate with Reagan since she is just over a year. Where as last year, she was only a month old so the Halloween experience was more for us than her. We were especially excited because we are still in Florida and getting to trick-or-treat and have my family be apart of it was so fun!

Brandon and I kept going back and forth on what we were all going to be. If you know us, you know we include our Golden Retrievers in {most} things we do so we of course had to think of a costume + theme that would incorporate them, too! Our first idea was a fish theme. We actually ended up ordering Reagan a fish costume and bought the pups a shark suite. The rest of us were going to wear Columbia shirts and be fisherman. Cute, right? Well, once we got Reagan’s costume and put the dogs on, we just felt eh about it all. I wish I could say we/I love being creative and thrive off this stuff, but I don’t. It’s usually a last minute thing because I can’t decide on something or its an idea thats popular at the time.

Our next idea was to all be lions. We found a cute baby lion costume and adult lion bodysuits. But once I put mine on Reagan lostttt it and got so upset. So we quickly ditched that idea. We kept going back and forth with the idea of a football theme. Reagan and the pups would be the cheerleaders, Brandon the coach and myself the referee. But once we found out my brother wanted to participate my mom and I found a Prom Queen costume at the Party Store. So I got the idea of why not do a High School Throwback?! Yes! I rummaged through my old High School Elite Dance uniforms and honestly, looked at these tiny things and thought…there’s NO WAY I’m going to fit into these. Buttt i did…eeek. I slicked my hair to a side part, wore jazz shoes and definitely threw on the black {tight} choker. DONE!

We had the football coach, three cheerleaders, dancer and the prom queen 🙂 Success! Now, what to be next year…


What were you for Halloween?!

with love, Danielle

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