Life Update

Happy Monday guys! I Hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend!

I wanted to take a second and update you guys on our life! If you just started following me– here’s a quick background. Last year my husband and I decided to take a chance and move across country to San Francisco with our two dogs and me 6 months pregnant. My husband landed a really great job with a start up company which required him + {some} of the team to travel a ton to China. He would spend up to 10+ days in China and return home for a couple weeks then return again. His travel started in November and lasted until August. By July we made the decision to put our stuff in storage {since our lease was up} and spend the remaining time of his travel in Florida with family. By now we had a 10 month old and getting the opportunity for family to be around our daughter has been amazing.

We decided we would be in Florida for only a few months {hence we only brought summer clothes with us} but now have the opportunity to stay a little longer! Im really happy we get to stay and spend the Holidays with family + friends and still be apart of birthdays and obligations we have coming up!

My parents were gracious enough to allow my husband, myself, our daughter and two dogs to stay with them for 3+ months but we knew it was time to get our own space. We moved into a temporary apartment and our living is veryyy minimal. Our only decor is a few things I’ve gotten from the dollar store or the dollar section at Target and random knickknacks my family has let us borrow. Knowing we will be heading back to California, everything we buy is everything we will travel back with. So while I take great pride in our home and decorating, I know this is temporary and living very minimal is kind of refreshing. Plus, less to clean 🙂

My husband and I decided, instead of buying Reagan a bunch of toys for Christmas–because we will have to travel back with them, it might be better to enjoy experiences instead! If you have any fun Holiday traditions you do with your family, send them my way– i need some 🙂

Have a fantastic rest of your Monday!


with love, Danielle

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