10+ Baby Gift Ideas

I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner! And as I’m seeing new babies from friends being born and more people announcing their pregnancy, I thought I would do a post on the top baby products from 0-12+ that I have found/find useful! Plus, I did a IG poll a few weeks back about your top baby products and THANK YOU for all the suggestions! I took the top ones and complied a list of things I think have been great + life savers! These products range from $6.00-$200+.

If I missed anything leave me a comment 🙂

 Hanna Andersson

{$30.00} One of my favorite pieces of clothing is Hanna Andersson. Their material is so soft and no matter how many washes- it still looks brand new! I think these Christmas jammies are so sweet!


{$13.95} This is Reagan’s favorite soother. But she doesn’t prefer the paci, only the arms and legs. It gets really gross so we make sure to wash it as often as possible!


{$12.99} As Reagan gets older, I’m finding OXO products extremely helpful. They are durable, easy to clean and helpful for babies + kids. This bib will roll up and become small enough to put in your diaper bag and not take up much room. It catches any food the child misses and with a simple wipe-its clean as can be!

 Sound Machine

{$19.99} I have used this sound machine since day one. It’s simple, light weight and easy to travel with. It has 6 different soothing sound options but as of now, I only stick with white noise. And now that were in a smaller place, I put two in Reagan’s room to help block out noise.

EzPZ Feeding Mat

{$19.99} I recently came across this and it is my favorite! It’s a silicon feeding mat that I put right on Reagan’s high chair tray. She doesn’t prefer her food touching so with this mat I can separate each item. And the best part, its a much easier clean up! Food doesn’t get all over her tray + stain it. I can remove it from the high chair and throw it right in the sink. It sticks to {most} surfaces which makes it hard for her to pick it up and throw it on the floor!

Tripp Trapp High Chair

{$249} I miss our high chair–it’s currently in storage in CA. But I loveee this chair. It is pricey but it grows with your child! You can adjust the seat and footplates. It comes in a variety of fun or neutral colors. And I think it goes well with your home furniture!

 Antilop {IKEA} High Chair

{$19.99} We currently have this chair while were in Florida and its been great! I love the classic, all white look.

4moms Playard

{$299} By far the most convenient and easiest pack n play set up!  This is also in storage for us and after having Reagan sleep in the pack n play my parents house, I 100% miss this one! It’s just one pull and you’re done!

Finger Puppet Book

{$6.99} My Grandmother recently bought Reagan a Finger Puppet Book and she is obsessed with them! These would be great stocking stuffers for your little one this Christmas!

Baby Dove Complete

{$14.99} I’ve been using Dove Baby for some time now and I can’t get enough of it. I love the scent and feeling when it’s on Reagan. It’s so smooth and doesn’t dry out her skin.

Amber Teething Necklace

{16.99} I get tons of questions about Reagan’s necklace when we are out. This is the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. It reduces teething, fussiness and drooling with your little. Since Reagan still only has two teeth I decided to double up on her necklace because I know more teeth will be coming!

Banana Teether

{$8.49} One of my favorite teethers + training toothbrush. I will put this in the freezer and give it to Reagan to suck on. Sometimes ill add peanut butter so she’s satisfied a little longer.

Aden + Anais Sleep Sack

{$19.99} This has been a great sleep sack for us. I don’t think you can go wrong with any one but we just decided on this brand and really like it. It’s light weight and I’ve been noticing Reagan becoming a ‘hot’ sleeper so i think these work out really well for her.

Rock n Play

{$36} It’s been quite some time since we’ve used this guy but I recommend it to any new mom. We have the 4moms mamaroo as well and I have to say, we used the rock n play a lot more. Reagan enjoyed being at an angle and it was one of the things we used a lot when she slept at night and if she had a stuffy nose. The inclined helped her when she felt sick.

Nursing Poncho + Car Seat Cover

{$34.95} Any new mommas or soon-to-be mommas looking for a great nursing poncho?! I recommend this one from Milkmaids. It came in handy when I was nursing Reagan and for a car seat cover. It was easy to use and plus its fashionable–they have a lot of different options.  I also bought their infant swaddle set when Reagan was born and its still the softest swaddle i have.

Tula Baby Carrier

{$169} Last but not least– the Tula Baby Carrier. With the padded shoulder straps and waist support, it’s easy to carry around Reagan. What’s really nice with this brand is they come in a variety of patterns + colors and have three different stages for your child. We need to buy the toddler version since she has outgrown the regular baby carrier.

I hope this list has helped! If you have products you love and want to share please leave me a comment below! 

with love, Danielle

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