3 Easy Steps For Your Morning

Happy Hump Day, Friends! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! It’s a little hectic over here since my husband is currently traveling. Usually when he travels its busy but I feel like it’s extra crazy right now. I think it’s because were living in an apartment so taking the dogs out with Reagan in a stroller just adds to it. Plus, Ive been really fortunate it to have my husband home so much right now that I forgot what it’s like to do it all on my own again.

Anyhow, speaking of being busy, I wanted to share 3 easy steps to start your morning! This could apply to kids or no kids. I’ve always been someone who is super prepared. Not in every aspect of my life, only in my day-to-day routines.

Every couple months or so- just when I think I have my routine down with Reagan- something seems to change. Right, mommas? Well this stage of her life, she is definitely a morning person- must get it from her dad :). And for me, it takes a little while to wake up and get ready to start my day. I knew I needed to work on this area of my life so I came up with 3 easy things I do to help.

1. I tidy up the house the night before. I am one who enjoys cleaning but I find myself less frantic in the mornings if things are picked up, put away and ready for the next round of messes. It’s refreshing for me to walk out of our room and have a nice, clean slate to work with first thing in the morning.

2. I prepare and lay out what I need for the morning. I’ll go ahead and have Reagan’s milk     all ready in her cup. Coffee is set to brew. And my clothes are laid out. This way when I wake up everything is set and ready to go.

3. I wake up BEFORE Reagan. Yes, I wake up before she does. I have to. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I slip up and wake up when she does-especially on Saturdays. But I seriously found waking up before her, helps and starts my mornings in a much more relaxing way. This allows me to have my cup of coffee, quiet time, get dressed and be more ‘on’ when she wakes up. Reagan is up anytime between 6:45-7am. So I made a commitment that I would wake up at 6 am. At first, I was dreadddinggg the thought of waking up at 6, but once I had the mindset of- what’s an extra 45 minutes and knowing I would be ready to go once she woke up, I started looking forward to it. Brandon’s at the gym at that time, so to have the morning to myself and  my coffee in peace, is very refreshing.

Again, 3 easy  things to do to help your mornings. You can tailor them to what fits your schedule but I think these can easily work for anyone! I’d love to hear your routine and what works best for you 🙂

with love, Danielle 

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